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Nail Tabs

Nail Tabs

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One sheet of double-sided sticky tabs used for short term press on nail application. With proper application and care can last 2-5 days.


  • Using a cuticle stick, gently push back your cuticles
  • Using a fine grit buffer, gently buff your natural nail to even out the surface
  • Use a small bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton round to clean and dehydrate your natural nails
  • Choose nail tabs that match your respective nail sizes
  • One at a time, life a tab from the sheet and place on to the corresponding nail
  • Without removing the top film, firmly press and hold the tab to your nail for 15-20 seconds 
  • Remove the top tab film
  • Place the corresponding press on nail on top of the nail tab (TIP: make sure your nails are aligned correctly with your cuticle)
  • Firmly press and hold the press on nail to your nails (TIP: avoid pressing firmly on gems and charms attached to press ons)
  • Repeat on each nail