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How can I find out what my nail size is? View our SIZING CHART or, for the most accurate measurement, purchase a SIZING SET.

How do I apply press on nails? Either with glue, we recommend using our own, or with nail tabs, which we also carry. Shop glue HERE. Shop nail tabs HERE.

How long do press on nails last? The longevity of your nails relies on a number of factors including but not limited to: level of natural nail prep prior to application, how rigorous your day to day hand usage is and what type of adhesive the nail is applied with. In general though nail tabs can last up to 3 days. While nail glue can last up to three weeks. To learn how to maximize your press on wear time watch this VIDEO.

Are press on nails reusable? Yes. Using nail tabs to apply the nails especially makes them completely reusable. If you prefer nail glue application the nails are still reusable but may require some maintenance, particularly to combat glue build up on the backside. We suggest using an inexpensive electric nail file to gently remove any residue.

What if the nails don't fit? To avoid this please view our SIZING CHART prior to ordering and/or purchase a SIZING SET to ensure the right size is ordered. Due to our product being hand-crafted and made-to-order we cannot be held responsible for incorrect sizing.

Do you create custom designs? Yes! To view previous custom creations view our BESPOKE COLLECTION. If you have an original idea, would like to make changes to one of our current designs or would like us to create a press on version of a design you saw on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. fill out our CONTACT US form so we may go over the concept. *Please note that we under no circumstances recreate works from other press on nail sellers. Also, we reserve the right to decline any collaboration for any reason.*

How many nails come in one set? 10 nails come in one set. To purchase your correct size set please view our SIZING CHART or order a SIZING SET. Items marked "full set" comes with 24 nails. "Books" come with multiple sets of 10 nails.

How long will it take my order to ship? Our processing time is usually 7 business days per set ordered, it may time less or more time than that. Please refer to our SHIPPING POLICY for additional information.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we offer international shipping to eligible countries. Please view our SHIPPING POLICY for additional information.

Do you offer "rush" shipping? Yes, we offer a limited amount of rush orders per month. You can purchase a "rush" HERE. Please read our "RUSH MY ORDER" page for additional information.

Do you accept cancellation? Yes. Please view our RETURN POLICY for terms and conditions.

Do you accept returns/exchanges? No. Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Please view our RETURN POLICY for additional information.

Do you provide refunds? Yes. Please view our RETURN POLICY for terms and conditions.